From the red carpet feeling in Singapore to a sophisticated elegance on the IBA show in Germany.

Our marketing team, Alex, Rini and Judy, followed this year’s new SANNENG color scheme, black
and gold, and successfully presented a more “conservative” booth design that screamed elegance
and high quality more than ever. The red carpet from the Singapore FHA got replaced by a light grey
wooden floor, which perfectly underlined the elegant appearance in order to fit into the straight and
clear German culture. The self-made Oscar statue could be found in a smaller version on the
information desk, which made the perfect accessory and symbolized our great belief in success.

The four lit up glass showcases served as the eye-catcher of the show and presented our new
products, including the two new SANNENG Premium knife series, the new SANNENG mincing
knife and the new Titanium coated mousse rings in different colors, shapes and sizes. The team
chose real glass and the perfect spotlight that made our products shine bright and sparkle like a
million diamonds.

Rising attention is the overall goal of the Marketing team and ensures constant word of mouth
which is important for a company like SANNENG that wants to show that the company is more
than just the average bakeware producer. It is important to use our new booth design as a
communication tool that reflects our professionalism and high quality production and let it speak by itself.

All of our displayed items had their own separated space in a height not lower than 90cm to give
each product its well-deserved attention and not make the customer to bend down. We believe
that high-class products and a high-class display go hand in hand and each is dependent on the other.

A highlight of this year’s IBA show was the first launch of our new SANNENG PREMIUM line on the
European market. The professional Titanium coated kitchen knives are available in two colors, gold
and black, and come in four different sizes. In order to satisfy our customers and make them build a
relationship with our products, we arranged a little DIY cutting area with fresh fruits and vegetables,
where they could try our knives, feel them in their hands and convince themselves of the features of our products.

In order to strengthen and intensify our relationships with our European partners, Silikomart from
Italy and Chocolate World from Belgium, we organized an exclusive dinner event with the German
2-star-chef Patrick Coudert, who demonstrated our SANNENG products in action in an open kitchen
cooking class in the most beautiful location in the south of Germany. The island im Schliersee was a
private island and served as our special company event location for our 16 selected guests.

From Michael Jackson, Madonna and the Bee Jee’s to the queen of Thailand, the king of Morocco
and Elizabeth Taylor, the 2-star-chef Patrick Coudert cooked for them all. He is a famous TV chef with
a global network and was the youngest Michelin star chef in Germany. We felt honored to have him as
our exclusive SANNENG demo chef and are lucky to announce that Patrick Coudert will be our company
brand ambassador in the near future.

One step forward into a successful European market entry and a worldwide brand awareness.

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