To increase manufacture ability and ensure product quality,Sanneng Bakeware(Wuxi)Co., Ltd has invested many advanced manufacture equipments,including AMADA CNC Machine,Automatic Product Line,600T Hydraulic Machine,Automatic Welding Robot,Spinning Machine,Amada CNC Bending Machine and Laser Marking Machine. Currently,we basically can make baking trays or loaf pans automatically or Semi-automatically.

Automatic baking tray production line makes product quality stable and
the production quantity is 3 times than manual operation.  (Click Photo for Video)

 automatic welding robot
Reduce the damage of manual welding hazard to people health
The welding spot has nice looking and stable quality
Double work tables360 degrees movementreducing the scratches and waste of time 

(Click Photo for Video)

Automatic spinning machine
reduce tired manual work 
Good to process hard or thick material and complicated tech cases
One worker can operate several machinesSave cost and time (Click Photo for Video)

600T Oil Hydraulic Press Machine is the largest one in bakeware industry
Stable press, Double handlesDouble photo-electric protection, higher safety 
(Click Photo for Video)

Japan CNC Turret Punching Machine Precise work
One machine,with 58 different positions which can be set at the same time.
Easy to assembly mould ,save time and reduce moulding cost
Suitable for different shapes of multi-link trays and others
  (Click Photo for Video)

Japan automatic CNC bending machine
,precise and automatic
A full sets of high quality cutters , not easy to break, can be used for different sizes
of multi-link tray,
manual baking trays and customized trays,no need to adjust the size.

Advanced wire cutting machine
It can make several different wire cut moulds at same time
Save your time and ensure the precision

Advanced mould processing equipments
,including grinding
,milling machine,sawing machine,turning lathe
ensure mould size precise and consistent

Advanced wire cutting machine
It can ensure mould precise and also can make many shapes of mould edges

Advanced wire cutting machine
It can ensure mould precise and also can make many shapes of mould edges.

Manual spinning machine
good replacement to produce small bakewares which
could not produced by automatic machine
, also can ensure bright surface

Smooth and effective loaf pan production line
Folding Process

Tranditional manual baking tray production linereplaced by automatic line

Laser Labeling Machine
suitable for different kinds of materials and logos
Precise and nice looking marks can improve product level
Save mould charge and time              

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