From bright orange to a soft black – the changes in the booth design cannot be bigger. The FHA Singapore was the first exhibition this year,
which showed our new exclusive booth design make-over.

Our new Marketing team, including Alexander Hoffmann, Rini and Judy Chen, wanted to create an Oscar-themed atmosphere to show and display our
highest quality products in the most elegant way possible. Our customers should feel special when entering our booth, like on a red carpet event.
The black color underlines the exclusivity and elegance of the products and the self-made Oscar statue finalized the look perfectly.

The color scheme, black, red and gold, was selected according to the biggest annual event in the American film industry, the Academy Awards or also
known as the Oscars. The original Oscar statuette is made of gold-plated bronze on a metal base and holds a crusader’s sword in his hand.
We changed the details slightly in order to fit to ourcompany and swapped the sword for a golden SANNENG whisk. The purpose of the Oscar was to
rise attention and make people excited. In addition it served as a photo area with the big golden SANNENG logo in the back to make people take pictures
and eventually upload them on social media and unconsciously rise our brand awareness.

Another drastic change on this year’s exhibition in Singapore was the huge kitchen space with a big marble counter top and display space for one of our
customers MARCELLA Biscuiterie from Taiwan. The owner herself, Mama Tseng, served a variety of delicious handmade cookies – from lavender and rose
to original Taiwanese matcha and mint, all from natural ingredients. In order to rise attention and entertain our visitors and customers, we hold several
different demo shows each day, including a cookie baking show to show the non-stick features of our baking trays, a cupcake flower decoration show to
demonstrate our pastry bags and various tips, and last but not least a show about how to use our new nougat baking tray and make delicious European
nougat treats. For that we flew in our amazingly talented chefs from Taiwan, Cindy Lin and Hung-Wen Chen, to show our high quality products in action.

In addition we carefully and thoughtfully selected the amount of display products we offered to our customers. Other than bringing too many items and
overwhelming the people, like in the past, we only chose the best and highest quality SANNENG products, including our baking trays, loaf pans, all kinds
of hard anodized molds and non-stick baking tools. Specific information cards besides each item let the customer know detailed information about the products,
such as the material, benefits and different colors, shapes and sizes. This concept creates a more organized and cleaner atmosphere in the booth and makes
each product stand out more.

Furthermore we displayed our newest items on the market, such as the SANNENG tool bag, the round mincing knifes in both colors, silver and black, the new
perforated trays as well as nougat trays and our new frying pan. Our houseware brand UNOPAN was also represented by the new Metallic Rose series. All of
these products had their own separated space in a height not lower than 90cm to give each item its well-deserved attention and not make the customer to
bend down. It is important to understand that high-class products and a high-class display go hand in hand and each is dependent on the other.

Another highlight of this year’s FHA Singapore exhibition was the first launch of our new SANNENG PREMIUM line, which includes anti-bacterial Titanium
coated chef knives and baking tools. The professional kitchen knives are available in two colors, gold and black, and come in four different sizes. The new PVD
Titanium coated baking tools include mousse rings and food tongs in two colors, oil-slick and rose gold. We developed a vacuum coating technology, which is
one of the best sustainable technologies in the 21st century.

SANNENG Premium – Innovative technologies meet modern design. The new premium line is made for artists and wants to create a deeper connection between
the tools and its owners. New modern and trendy colors, personalized engravings, and innovative coatings; that is what the new line stands for. We work closely
together with professional chefs in order to listen to their needs and create the best from the kitchen to the dining table.

Due to an ever changing environment, SANNENG is continuously growing and following the trends to show its internationality and modern thinking mind. An
ongoing objective of our company is sustainable growth and the slogan “SANNENG goes GREEN” says it all. We are not only protecting the health of our
customers with antibacterial coatings and providing international food safety standards, we also want to protect our environment with new eco-friendly packaging,
which will be 100% recyclable.

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